What's New at Fabulous Hair by Egla?


FALL is on its way ... and with it comes a new attitude toward haircolor. Clients are tired of their summer-worn tresses and anxious for something new. When it comes to color forecasting, "I am going to inrtoduce my clients to deep, golden hues competing with rich truffle toned brunettes", says Egla.
Let's take sunny summer blondes to a whole new dimension. Sun-kissed blondes with rich, deep golden hues were trending on fall’s hottest runways. In lieu of stark, contrasting streaks of pale and paler, Egla looks for a more blended effect that results in a warm, golden, California glow
For a chocolate bar brunettes  she presents dark, rich, deep-chocolate haircolor, refreshed with dimensional tones of truffle and auburn.
It’s a sexy, noticeable look without doing anything drastic. Starting with a dark base, then add subtle highlights such as auburn or caramel that will pop against the brunette background.

What is your competition going to be this fall season? Let Egla help with this hair challange!
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